In the beginning of the year I decided to make 2010 My Healthiest Year yet by working on one healthy habit each month. The aim was that by December I would be healthier than ever! This year I likewise went back to being vegetarian* so January was devoted to Mexican Meatless Mondays. I made Black Bean Soup as well as Mexican Pizza.

Well, my original plan was to make February’s difficulty about Yoga, however I’m going to have to switch it up. I am a firm believer in making healthy modifications one as well as each time as well as I truly requirement to focus all my interest on my worst habit this month = eating after dinner (dun, dun, duuuuun). Yes, in spite of the truth that I made this one of my NY resolutions I am still falling into this habit.
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My February Challenge: stop eating After Dinner.

The plan:

1. clean as well as floss instantly after dinner

2. “Close the kitchen” by turning off the lights

3. get to bed early so I won’t get tired or hungry as well as want to eat

Since I believe everybody needs to compose their own diet plan healthy living book please select something you want to work on this month that is meaningful as well as useful to you.

I am frustrated speaking about this problem when again, however comprehend that this issue goes back years. My mom still has this problem as well as passed it along to me. It’s extremely difficult for me to stop after it’s so deeply ingrained. I have most likely eaten after dinner since I was six years old or something!

Anyways, I ended my life of nighttime eating with a bang. as well as by bang I mean, Baked Apple with chocolate Chips as well as Granola. Yes, it was as great as it sounds! I topped it with some greek yogurt for creaminess. Um, life changing.

Dinner was a veggie burger with cheese. For some reason Ben asked me to make this for myself for dinner so he might taste it. It was extremely random, however he was craving a cheeseburger as well as we don’t have any type of genuine meat in the house. I didn’t have any type of specific meal organized so I went with it. That white stuff is chuckling Cow not mayo if you’re curious. I’m running low on ketchup or you’d see it gushing out of here.

This afternoon I likewise enjoyed an iced coffee as well as half a muffin.

Anonymous Question: You clearly are an incredible runner as well as get a great deal of cardio time in.  Have you thought about adding strength/weight-lifting to your program?  It seems you don’t do much (any?) however perhaps you do as well as don’t document it?

Monica: thanks for the compliment ? as well as indeed I  just recently started working on stamina training (like last week when I joined the gym). I have always been reluctant to do it since it’s not as much fun as running!

But…I understand it’s great for me as well as my body responds extremely well. even without doing much stamina training at all (maybe a dvd every now as well as then) my arms appeared like this when I was 10 pounds lighter… I’m hoping the new stamina class I’m going to 1x a week + yoga 1x a week plus losing 10 pounds will get me there again. Okay, that pic is kinda far away, however you can kinda see it…

*Technically I am a pescatarian since I eat fish on occasion. I do not want to seem like a hypocrite or liar by calling myself a vegetarian, however I truly only eat fish a few times a month as well as every time I phone call myself a pescatarian I get tons of concerns about it.

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