Hello! Jak leci? have you ever been to medieval Times? I went when I was a lil kid and this weekend my family went to celebrate my dad’s birthday. I’m pretty sure I’ve only been there once before when I was in 3rd grade and somehow I don’t think anything has changed about this dinner and Tournament! (But I have a bad memory so maybe I don’t remember it either way.)

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If you’re not familiar… medieval Times is a dinner show set in the game of Thrones time period. You don’t normally learn about got history in school because the government doesn’t want you to know –  but there was a lot of violence and old timey bad words and es – E – ex and the like. I guess not too different from every other time in history…

Tak czy siak.

Medieval Times puts on a show where knights compete to win different games and battles. Each knight represents a certain color and the audience gets hats of the same color and sits in the same section to cheer on their knight.

We were the red and yellow team… or coat of arms…?

Tip: My family has very large heads and the hats fit us, so they’ll fit you too for sure. (I feel like everyone says “I have a big head…” but they really don’t and then I feel bad when I can’t fit into their-supposedly-large-but-not-really hat.)

The dinner menu:

Chleb czosnkowy

Tomato bisque soup

Baby Dragon



Ciasto cytrynowe

Thoughts on the food:

I’d never eaten baby Dragon before! It tastes just like chicken. To było bardzo dobre.

Garlic bread – normal restaurant garlic bread. Soup – I was delighted this was served hot. I like soup and tea served hot and it’s a big production to feed this huge banquet of people so I tried to keep sensible expectations on the food.

Corn – good! Potato – it was generally like a huge seasoned french fry. It’s half a small potato, seasoned and fried.

Cake – reminded me of the Starbucks lemon loaf cake

It was hard to take pictures of the other food because they turn down the lights as the show is going on. I thought everything was good. The potato was fried but nothing else seems incredibly heavy. The chicken was seasoned well. The soup might have had oil but it didn’t seem to have cream. There aren’t any substitutions unless you’re vegetarian. (Note: I was incredibly hungry because I had missed lunch so keep that in mind with my review.)

When you walk into the area – each place setting has a metal plate, bowl and napkin with all the locations. I was shocked there are so lots of of these!! I grew up in southern California so I’ve been lucky enough to have a ton of theme parks and vacationer attractions and restaurants around to enjoy. Disneyland,Universal Studios and Knott’s Berry farm are all local options that I went to as a kid.  but I realize that’s not the case everywhere.

So I just assumed medieval Times would be in SoCal and maybe Orlando but that’s it. have you been to one? I went to the location in Buena Park, CA. There are 9 locations total.

– likewise have you been to Hogwarts aka The Wizarding world of Harry Potter? I was thinking about going and now I’m listening to the Harry Potter books and want to get tickets and see all the magic!! send me ideas if you know any.


It’s a 2 hour medieval jousting tournament with 6 competing knights. They use real weapons, ride horses and battle on foot.

They start off with a few games – for example the knights ride their horses around the area and try to snag rings with their jousting poles.

The big show is when they battle. The knights are paired up to try to knock each other off their horse. then they take it to the floor and fight with swords or other medieval weapons. one of the knights had a big ball on a chain.

It sounds so real and looks like someone could get hurt. They’re very professional and good at putting on a good show.

My niece was so into it. My mommy got her a flag and she was waving it and cheering during the games. Then, when our person came out to battle she said, “Nina can you hold this…” and proceeded to cover her mouth with her hands. Była zmartwiona! It was adorable.


I think medieval Times is probably the most fun for kids 4 years old to 12 years old and people who love game of thrones or people with long hair.

My other niece is 1 and a half years old and clapped when other people were clapping. She wasn’t afraid or anything.

My favorite part of the whole event was enjoying my niece’s face as she enjoyed the show. She was soooo intoto. kocham to!!

Następnym razem absolutnie postaram się ubierać jak Khaleesi, aby naprawdę dostać się do motywu Game of Thrones. (Mówiąc o królowej Daenerys… Muszę zauważyć – obiad był kurczakiem, a nie dziecięcym smokiem.)

Czy byłeś kiedyś w średniowiecznych czasach? Coś podobnego?

Wyślij mi skoroszyt


Dzielenie się jest dbaniem o innych!








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